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Biking from Xpujil to Chetumal

Only 118km left to go til I get to Chetumal... It rained for the next three days... I have arrived in Calderitas about 4km from Chetumal in the state of Quintana Roo Mexico... And I just had my first shower in 3 days :p phufffff I'm a happy girl :)

I left Xpujil at around 9 am, I had become quite attached to my little cabin, with it's shafting light coming through the cracks in the wooden walls and huge fan above my head keeping me cool. I hopped on my bike and thundered down the hill into the town of Xpujil only stopping to buy 5 litters of water and some food. The road had become much flatter, and quite honestly on long stretches of flat road you mind wonders to the strangest places... yep I think I was missing some hills to battle up. Then again when it started to rain about 10km into the ride I was happy not have the addition of too steep a hill. I got rain from all sides and from big trucks wheels and my own front wheel when got any speed up... Not very nice...


I got to a small town after riding about 60km the first day. I stopped in a nice looking restaurant everyone turned as I rode up to the door and propped my bike against the wall, I must have been a mess, socked through and covered in mud. A lady walked up to me and I said 'firstly I want to eat and drink some thing hot, and also do you have I place I can pitch me tent for the night?' I gave her my 'I know I'm being cheeky smile'.
She laughed and took me out to back yard, which had a run down car with chickens living in it and two huts which were the restaurant toilets and a covered area where she was drying some clothes. she pointed to a patch of grass and said "You can sleep there if you like."
I pitched my tent and changed my clothes for some thing dry and had a quick wash to scrap some mud off me. Then I had Mexican style eggs and three pork tacos with lodes of hot coffee, it felt like heaven.

I realized the next morning then water was leaking into my tent, it seemed like through the ground sheet... every thing inside was wet, and it was still raining, I hung my foam bed up to dry and went to have breakfast, I had Mexican style eggs and lodes of hot coffee and yes it was heaven :)

When my foam bed was dried out at about 10am I packed up the rest of my things, and moved on, my objective was to arrive in Chetumal that evening... but that was not to be... at about 3pm I realized I had a flat tire, it was still raining and I had about 15km left to go before I got to Chetumal. I stood there in the rain muttering to myself. I noticed a path way not too far from me, and started to push my bike hoping to find some cover... nope no cover, but a slippery Chalk quarry. The quarry was big and had lots of places I could hide for the night, I walk around ducking behind mounds looking for a good place to pitch my tent. I finally decided that no one in their right mind would be wondering around this quarry in the pelting rain so I was safe enough... I popped off the flat and got inside my tent with my patches and glue and some dry clothes... found three holes!! and during a quick brake in the rain I found the culprit in the tire, a tiny piece of metal sticking through, it had come from a one of the many broken trucker tires I had been past.


I slept cold and wet that night phuffff :ยง


The next day I was thrilled to be only 15km from Chetumal and got on the road with my mind on breakfast. I found a little place about 5km down the road, they made traditional lamb soup and lamb tacos. I asked how they cooked the lamb and the owner said they bake the lamb in an underground pit, using Blue agave to give it taste. It was truly delicious.

I was soon in Chetumal and enjoy the beautiful ride down the malecon, the sun had come out and I was feeling over moon having completed my 388km bike ride from Campeche to the pale blue seas and grassy beaches of Chetumal. I knew where I was going from there and biked straight to the campsite Yaxhare in the little town of Calderitas. It's lovely right on the sea front, it has internet, and hot water, all for 100 pesos a night :)
I'm in my tent right now as I write to you, clean, making a pot of coffee and thinking about diner, feeling quite proud of my adventures on my travels to here.


I have put up the next episode of the documentary series I am filming about my travels through Mexico. In this episode I visit the school for Marines in Anton Lizardo whilst the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, visits for his last tour before his end of term. I bike from Anton Lizardo to Playa Salinas, a beautiful small coastal fishing town, where I stay with a sweet family and I am taken out harpoon fishing. From Playa Salinas to Tlacotalpan, I stay at the Luz de Noche Hostel. I hope you enjoy:

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