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boating & fishing adventures in Calderitas

I arrived 5 days ago and already friendly locals have taken me out fishing to tropical islands twice :) So much fun and beauty every where. I went home with three fish for my dinner :)

I only have to bike 20mins to get to a supermarket and Cinema which has a few films in English. It's delightful here. Restaurants along the sea front smell delicious. Right in front of the Yaxha campsite you have a little dock for small boats, the pastel green sea and the island Tamalcab, beautiful view from my tent door.


Two days ago I went for an eventful outing with some friendly locals, they were going out fishing and asked if I would like to join them, I hopped aboard. We motored round to the other side of the Tamalcab island and they told me I could go snorkeling round there because there's a ship wreck the fish like to hide in, and it's good fishing. I was swimming for a little while and I realized the sea wasn't salty but fresh water, the mouth of the river Hondo made the sea fresh water, it's quite delightful. Also the deepest it got was about 5 meters.

I was called over by Moses the captain of the boat, he was in the water looking at the motor, he announced that he had lost the propeller and that we had to look for it, we spent about an hour looking and the light was going, so we got back in the boat... everyone had forgotten their cell phones... I was chuckling to my self and everyone seemed in good spirits even though we were going to have to push the boat back to Calderitas, with the tide coming up and the light fading.

Luck was with us as one little boat motored about 500 meters away we all yelled, and as he disappeared behind the island, we heard him turning the boat back to us. The skipper of the boat made fun of Moses and his friends, and announced that I was bad luck. we tied our boats together and he started to pull us, and then we stopped, he'd run out of gas!
We took the gas from our boat on to his boat, and tried to started the motor... he pull the rope and pumped the gas to no avail. Then Moses got on to the other boat to have a go. Strong, leader, type of guy, with a charming smile and easy laugh. He stood wrapping the rope to the motor and got it to stance, turned to everyone and said "Watch out". Every one was quite. Moses pull the cord, lost his balance, did a double pirouette then landed with his leg sprayed with the other skipper underneath him... hehehe... I got it all on camera!


After laughing till our sides hurt, we soon the motor going and got back to dock just as the sun was setting. With pinks and purples, and orange high lights in the sea and clouds.

Moses asked if I wanted to help look for the propeller the next day and then go fishing to the island of the 2 bothers. I was of course delight to be invited even though I had brought them bad luck :)

The next day we left a 10am motored out to more or less where we'd lost the propeller. We were more eyes looking, everyone had a cell phone and this time we had enough food and drink or any eventuality. Moses found the propeller in about 20 mins and we all celebrated with a beer, if fact quite a few.


Then we motored off to the Islands of 2 brothers it was quite a ways out to sea, yet the depth didn't get much deeper and the water was still fresh and not salty. You could see the huge, magnificent frigate birds also known as Man-O'-War bird, hovering over the islands as we got closer. Moses and his crew got the nets ready and started flinging the nets. Straight away they started getting little sliver fish. The nets would get stuck on rocks Isaac and I would wade over to free them.


I had a lovely time walking around the islands admiring the male frigate birds with their big red pouches. When I got back to the crew they had switched the little nets for one long big one. Two were wading out and releasing the net into a large circle as the others banged sticks on the water. Then one guy would splash around inside the circle a frighten the fishes into the net. I had fun trying to manhandle the fish out of the net and into the boat, it's not as easy as it looks, but I got the hang of it.


By the end of the day the icebox was full of fish. When we got back to the dock in Calderitas Moses gave me three fish for diner, which I cooked back at my camp site. What a lovely day :)


I am filming a documentary series about my adventures in Mexico called 'Mexico Encantador / Enchanting Mexico' you can find all the episodes here on my website: http://paintingpirates.com/Mexico.html

Here is episode 3 of season 2

Welcome to episode 3 for season 2 of Enchanting Mexico. This episode is fully translated into English and Spanish. In this episode Rose works with 'Son Barrio Abajo' a group of children musicians taught by Jose Fidencio Aguirre Fierro (col8) in Talcotalpan, Veracruz. The children make a painted animation to the song 'Toro Zacamandu' that Rose records them performing. Rose also takes you throughTlacotalpan's festival of bread and candy where you see the traditional dance of the Jarochos.
From Tlacotalpan to Toro Prieto - Rose rides her bike around the reserva biosfera of the Volcano St. Martin. and comes across the small town of Toro Prieto where she is shown the sites by a local family, and gives art workshops in the schools. Toro Prieto is the closest village to the amazing rock formations of Roca Partida.

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